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Self-Helpie is the 26th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series


Flint invents a device that will put a good picture of him into the yearbook, but it also puts him in every picture that has ever existed.


Sam and Flint are waiting in line for their school yearbooks. Sam is nervous that she'd have an awkward smile, while Flint is nervous about his picture for the Science Club, insisting that it's the earliest sign of greatness for all the major inventors. Unfortunately, since Gil wanted to focus solely on Sam, he cut Flint out of the picture and focused on Sam's awkward smile, upsetting both of them.

Flint brings up his concerns to Principal Shelbourne, interrupting his true crime audiobook about the Bakersville Butcher. After receiving no help from the mayor, Sam witnesses Brent photo-bombing a selfie and laments that Flint can't just photo-bomb his way into the yearbook.

Flint invents a Flint Lockwood Photo Bomber, a floating orb that zaps any pictures it finds and transforms their subjects into Flint (including inanimate objects like food). Earl Devereaux arrests Flint and throws him in Deep Detention with Manny (who was imprisoned for "too much harmonica").

Sam goes to Principal Shelbourne for help, but Flint's face has replaced that of the Bakersville Butcher. The mayor assumes Flint is the Bakersville Butcher and sounds the alarm, telling everyone in town to flee from Flint on sight. Determined to reverse the effects of his invention, Flint chases it down but runs into the local baker/butcher. Cornered by the police, the baker/butcher confesses to being the Bakersville Butcher. In custody, he laments that confessing to his crime means he will never be able to sell delicious cupcakes. Flint is arrested in addition to the Bakersville Butcher because the mayor can no longer get his favorite cinnamon sardine cupcakes.

The episode ends with Mayor Shelbourne deciding to create a new audiobook about the Pool Piddler, who turns out to be Gil, who has peed in a pool at least eleven times.

Memorable Quote[]

"Would Einstein accept this? No. Would Tesla accept this? Maybe, he was a bit of a pushover." --Flint Lockwood


Woman: "Doctor, is it a boy or a girl?"

[The ultrasound is zapped by the Photo Bomber and turns into an image of Flint]

Manny: "It's a nerd."