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The Science League is an elite science club headed by Vance LaFleur. Located in Iceland, the headquarters is a prestigious place where scientists drink martinis, smoke bubble pipes, and revel in past successes.

Flint fails to make the cut to join, as the FLDSMDFR does not have enough "snapadoo" to stand out. However, once food falls from the sky, Vance and his assistant Cathy travel to Swallow Falls a pod with "concentric rings which spin at high speed to teleport the pod to its location of choice."[1]

When Vance asks Flint to join the League, Flint declines, having realized that Vance had a blasé attitude towards almost destroying the world, and that home was where Flint belonged.

While the storyline with the Science League was cut, a poster of Vance LaFleur remained hanging in Flint's bedroom, and the idea of an elite science group headed by an arrogant scientist and his assistant was reimagined as Live Corp.

  1. Visual Development Artist Chris Reccardi