Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Wiki
Food base Squash
Animal/lifeform base Bigfoot (Sasquatch)
Diet Carnivores
Habitat Unknown (seen in many places)

The Sasquash or Bigfood is a large squash with the characteristics of Bigfoot and the most elusive and mysterious of all the Foodimals, often appearing in random locations while going unnoticed and disappearing soon after appearing, making it an elusive creature of almost mythical status. To avoid detection and capture, it is capable of altering size and randomly runs in the middle of packs.

The Sasquash has been linked to odd and unusual behavior such as bathing with Pickles and seems to enjoy pointless activities such as standing in balconies with no view. It is also the only Foodimal that has been seen outside of the Transformed Swallow Falls island, exhibiting a preference for driving standard shift cars while in populated cities such as San Franjose.

It can be seen at the beach in the end credits that the Sasquash is jogging.




  • In the Terry Crews featurrette for the trailer, he claims to have taken the only known picture of the legendary Sasquash.
    • In the photo "taken" by Terry Crews, the Sasquash makes a pose resembling the one supposedly made by a Bigfoot in the famous footage taken during the Patterson-Gimlin film.
  • It can be considered the "Where's Waldo?" of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.

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