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Sardinefest is the 15th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Sam is determined to stop Swallow Falls' annual sardine race, which she firmly believes is animal cruelty.


Sam is laying on a picnic blanket listening to wind ASMR when Flint boisterously announces Sardine Fest with a one-man band type invention. Among the sardine-themed entertainment at the festival, Flint mentions sardine races, which Sam pictures as a horse race with sardines racing seahorses complete with riding boots and helmets.

The reality is Sardine Fest is filled with activities Sam considers both gross and cruel to the sardines - including the "race," which is simply dropping sardines from a cliff. All the sardines hit the water at the same time, which according to a bylaw of the contest rules means the mayor takes the prize money. Sam insists the races are inhumane, but the racers insist that the sardines return home as heroes and are gifted with free ice cream for life (a story told via puppet show by the mayor).

After multiple races ending in a tie, Sam reminds Flint of Galileo's study of gravity, and that "two bodies of different masses dropped at the same height will land at the same time in the absence of air resistance." The mayor threatens Flint and Sam if they stop the sardine races, so they try to convince the townspeople to stop the races. Unfortunately, the mayor manages to convince them otherwise, and Flint tells Sam that the mayor's charisma is what wins him elections - "shaking hands, kissing babies."

Except the mayor is repulsed by babies and refuses to kiss them. Sam threatens to tell the whole town, including the mayor's biggest constituents (the babies themselves), so the mayor agrees to stop the races - instead replacing them with "sardine-friendly" catapults.


  • Sardine Fest contains many of the same rides and attractions as Sardine Land, including the Sardine Experience ride.
  • Sam and Flint reference the ASPCA's television commercials when trying to inform the public of the cruelty of the sardine races.


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