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Sardinee Babies is the 31st episode of season 2 of Cloudy:the series. It is the 83rd episode overall.


When a local fast food joint starts including Sardinee Babies in their meals, Sam and Flint compete to collect all 37.


Sam and Flint decide to get a snack at the local fast food joint Sardinees, which features 37 collectible Sardinee Baby plushies. Sam gets Squeaky Sardinee with her meal and Flint gets Smarty Sardinee with his meal. The two are enamored with the squeaky plushies, but laugh at how absurd it would be to try and collect all 37.

The two stop in again and get more food. Sam gets Shy Sardinee while Flint gets another Smarty. The two trade so Flint doesn't have a duplicate. Brent walks past with Giggle Sardinee before promptly swallowing it whole.

At home, Flint hoards his small collection of Sardinee Babies, and Tim tells Flint that when he was young there were only 6 Sardinee Babies, which were real sardines hidden around town. Tim was never able to find the Butterfly Sardinee Baby and wasted a year trying to find it. Flint ignores Tim's warnings not to make the same mistakes and tells him he can stop collecting any time he wants.

Flint runs into Sam at Sardinees and the two brag to each other about their growing collection. Gil walks past and reveals he has the whole collection with doubles. Flint performs menial labor for several hours for Gil in exchange for a Sardinee Baby, while Sam compliments Gil in exchange for a Sardinee Baby. Gil, happy for all the attention, shows Flint and Sam the exclusive 37th Sardinee Baby, Bouncy Sardinee. Gil quickly realizes Sam and Flint were only being nice to get free Sardinee Babies and tells them to prove their friendship. He throws Bouncy Sardinee out the window and tells them to decide between running after it or staying with Gil. The two leap out the window after Bouncy Sardinee.

The two get their hands on Bouncy Sardinee at the same time. Flint realizes that they became so obsessed with collecting they went crazy. They decide it's best to return the Sardinee Baby to Gil and apologize, but neither wants to let go first - until Brent takes the Sardinee Baby and swallows it whole.


  • Sardinee Babies are based on Beanie Babies.
  • Brent's mom Brenda works at Sardinees.