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Sardine Circle is the center of Swallow Falls, where townspeople gather for large events.


Sardine Land[]

Sardine Land was an amusement park Mayor Shelbourne created as an attempt to revitalize the town of Swallow Falls. It included the Swallow Falls International Sardine Museum, a virtual sardine experience, where parkgoers would be squeezed into a life-size sardine can, and various sardine-themed treats like Sardine Dogs. In the center of the pavilion is the land's premiere attraction - Shamo, the world's largest sardine, housed in a massive fishbowl with a "flaming hoop of glory" suspended above it, through which Shamo would leap for the entertainment of guests.

The Mayor was very confident about the success of the park, spending the entire town budget on the project and inviting a broadcaster from Weather News Network (who ended up being Sam Sparks). Unfortunately, Flint used the grand opening of Sardine Land as a way to sneak to the power plant without being noticed. He overloaded his latest invention, the FLDSMDFR, with too much power and it rocketed away, careening through the park.

The wayward FLDSMDFR destroyed the support beams of Shamo's giant fishbowl, and it rolled over the park, crushing everything in sight. The bowl then crushed two cars and the flame from the ring of fire caused the cars to explode and fling the bowl high into the air, where Shamo managed to leap out, and successfully passed through the ring of fire without receiving harm. However, his joy was short lived as he was quickly grabbed by a Ratbird before he could escape to the water and was presumably eaten.

Grand Reopening of Chewandswallow[]

About a month later, the mayor held a grand reopening ceremony in the center of the circle. The ceremony featured a nacho cheese hot springs, a "completely unsupervised" Kid Zone complete with mountains of jellybeans, and a large ceremonial ribbon. Upon cutting the ribbon with a large golden pair of ceremonial scissors, a Spaghetti Twister quickly descended on the square, ripping apart the attractions and sucking Cal and Earl into the tornado.[1]

Bread Boats[]

After the disastrous Spaghetti Twister, the townspeople regrouped in Sardine Circle, with medical aid from Manny. Flint arrived in the square with the Flying Car II and ordered everyone to build boats made of bread to evacuate the island. Earl took charge of the operation, and the townspeople were able to evacuate before the Swallow Falls Dam buckled under the weight of all the leftovers.


  • The statue on the International Sardine Museum is seen later in the Pickle Village and has been altered into a monument to Flint and a way for the Pickles to call the other Foodimals.
  • Sardine Land is a parody of Sea World.
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