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Sardinasaurus is the 27th episode of season 2 of Cloudy: the series.It is the 79th episode in the series overall.


Flint tries to make up for missing Sam's birthday, but she's too busy tracking a big news story to notice.


Sam has a slow news day, reporting on the height of the grass and the sharpness of a rock. She announces that her birthday is coming up on the 15th. Afterwards, she asks Flint what he thought of her broadcast, and he tells her that the rock is named after the pointed teeth of the Sardinasaurus, missing Sam's hints for him to comment on her birthday.

The day of Sam's birthday arrives, and it seems everyone forgot about it. She gets excited when Flint visits her at lunch, hoping he remembered her birthday, but instead he takes the candle off her birthday cupcake and replaces it with a sardine before running off.

Flint surprises Sam with birthday celebrations the day after her birthday. Sam doesn't accept his apology and storms off. Flint tries to make it up to her but Sam refuses all his suggestions until they stumble across a Sardinasaurus footprint in the town square. Sam follows the trail with Flint reluctantly following, and the tracks lead them to a cave. Sam gives a "final" broadcast in pitch darkness where she forgives Flint for forgetting her birthday. Flint suggests they light the candle he took yesterday and reveals a surprise party in the cave.

Flint reveals that he tricked Sam and the entire town into believing that they were one day ahead, so they actually did celebrate on her birthday.

When Sam asks if the Sardinasaurus is made up, Flint assures her it went extinct 66 million years ago. A living Sardinasaurus then emerges from the depths of the cave. Sam realizes the pointed rock is the dinosaur's missing tooth and returns it to its mouth. The Sardinasaurus joins in on Sam's birthday celebration.


  • "Paleolithic Park" is a reference to Jurassic Park.