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San Franjose is the location of Live Corp and a primary setting in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.


San Franjose is located on the western coast of California.


San Franjose is a hub for innovation, where residents live close to Live Corp in tiny apartments and commute into work via city bus.

Notable Locations[]

Live Corp HQ

The iconic lightbulb-shaped building in the bay of San Franjose, where inspired residents improve the world through invention.

Chick 'N' Sushi restaurant

Brent worked as a sign twirler for this place of business when he was relocated to San Franjose.

Flint & Tim's apartment

A small studio apartment that is evenly divided by a room-dividing curtain. Flint resides in, and has fully decorated, one half of the apartment, while Tim has made himself at home in the other half.

Ms. Crumblymuffin's cupcakes

Earl worked as a barista serving coffee and cupcakes before returning to Swallow Falls with Flint.


  • The design of San Franjose's architecture is still heavily inspired by the influence of Miroslav Sasek.
  • The modeling crew made twenty basic blocks, then combined and rearranged them to create variety.
  • San Franjose is the closest to a real-world lighting environment in the film.
  • The cupcake shop and all the props within it were painted within the shot.
  • San Franjose is likely to be based off and named after combining the names of the two cities in the San Francisco Bay area in California, San Francisco and San José.
  • The layout team built 3.58 miles of San Franjose, including 458 buildings, 137 trees, 64 cars, 20 dumpsters, 113 street lights, 70 newspaper stands, and 1,122 feet of railing.[1]