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Sam Sparks
Aliases Sam
Sammy Sam Sam (From Gil)
Samantha (From Tim Lockwood)
Age Teen (TV series)
20 (film 1 & 2)
21 (TV special)
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair color Blond
Eye color Green
Occupation Weather Reporter
Family Flint Lockwood (Boyfriend)
First Appearance Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Voiced By Anna Faris (Movies and TV special)
Kate Griffin (TV Series)

Samantha Gracie Sparks, more commonly known as Sam, is one of the main protagonists in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. She is a young weather intern who once wanted to be a weather reporter, too and she soon falls in love with Flint Lockwood where they both set off for an adventure of delicious proportions.


Sam has shoulder-length blonde hair that has bangs swept to the right side and large green eyes.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

For most part of the first movie, she has a weather reporter. Her hair is seen loose, but she wears her hair in a ponytail held by a Jello Ring where her forehead is exposed and large brown square-rimmed glasses for the rest of the first movie.

She usually wears a pink tank-top, a mint green blazer, brown skinny jeans with a white tight belt around them, and lighter brown shoes for most of the first movie. She also wears a silver watch on her left wrist, and a silver bracelet on her right wrist. She seems to wear earrings and a necklace. Near the end of the first movie, she wears a white tank-top, blue skinny jeans with a brown belt with gold buckle.

When she gets touched by the peanut brittle, her left arm and whole face swelled up due to her peanut allergy.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

In the second movie, she wears her hair in a loose ponytail with side bangs, a pink unbuttoned shirt tied in a knot at the bottom front with rolled up sleeves, a dark violet tank top underneath, white short shorts that reach her thighs, beige hiking boots, a smooth gray backpack and socks.


Sam is a friendly, sweet, likable, optimistic, beautiful, brave, fun-loving, outgoing and very smart girl who is sometimes shy. When she first started as a weather reporter, she got a little nervous and tongue-tied, but after that she was great on camera. Sam can also be very protective and caring, as she did not want to drop the rope that Flint was holding when she touched the peanut brittle.

Sam is also very easygoing and sweet natured. As she interacts with the girls, she helps them in everything they have to do. Even though she's tough sometimes, she is gentle with them, and is “big sisterly” towards them. With Alyssa, she often helps her, although in an enthusiastic, optimistic way. She loves her for who she is, and is always ready to help her friends, each with their own unique thing, become the best they can be. She is little less unconventional than Flint, but still caring. Sam also, when not at work, hangs out with them, and does things with them, a friend would do. She loves and cares about Alyssa, her friends, and Flint. Sam can sometimes talk a lot, especially when she gets fidgety and/or excited, as she talked a lot when she was about to be the weather reporter in Swallow Falls. Alternatively, Sam could get a little emotionally hyperactive at times, but quickly turns meek and silent when accidentally saying something wise, however she later overcame this after encouragement from Flint. In the first movie, she is considered "a nerd" on live television by Patrick Patrickson when he saw her hair in a ponytail.


When she was younger, Sam's look included a ponytail and big glasses before she then ends up revealing her true colors in the Jell-O castle.

She also wanted to be a meteorologist when she was very young, but her parents and peers didn’t support her. She is shown to be an intern for a news company in the beginning of the first movie where reporting on the weather (as an unpaid intern) was one of the first opportunities for her to be a meteorologist publicly.

"I am become death, destroyer of worlds." - Sam during an interview after the world ending atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


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  • Sam's favorite food is Jell-O, and at one point in the movie, Flint Lockwood made her a Jell-O castle.
  • Beginning in the scene in the Jell-o castle, Sam begins wearing her hair up and puts on her glasses.
    • For the entire second movie, she never wears her hair down again.
    • However, she does briefly take off her glasses twice in one scene in the first movie.
  • Sam appears to be from New York City, even though it is not mentioned in the movie. (drives car in Times Square)
  • Sam is super smart, but she tries not to be because she is embarrassed about it.
  • Sam is allergic to peanuts. When she touched the peanut brittle in the first movie, her arm and face started to swell up.
  • Sam and Flint most likely later inspired Tulio Monteiro and Linda Gunderson the secondary protagonists of the 2011 movie Rio.
  • For some reason, certain online versions of the movie poster (example) show Sam with a brighter blue jacket and bright purple skinny jeans rather than the duller blue jacket and brown skinny jeans she has in the movie, which may have been a scrapped early palette for her.
  • In the sequel, Sam has lots of references to Ellie Sattler from the first Jurassic Park movie.
    • Both are females.
    • Both wear different outfits before they wear their usual outfits.
    • Both wear loose ponytails, pink unbuttoned shirts tied in a knot at the bottom front with rolled up sleeves, dark violet tank tops underneath, shorts that reach their thighs, beige hiking boots and socks (except that Sam wears her glasses).
    • Both don't know why they changed to their outfits
    • Both partner up with guys.
    • Unlike Ellie, Sam never lost her pink unbuttoned shirt.
    • Both explore different places:
    • Both look at wonders in different places:
      • Sam with the Foodimals at the Transformed Swallow Falls
      • Ellie with the Dinosaur eggs at the Jurassic Park Visitor Center
    • Both try to escape from animals in the different places they're at:
      • Ellie with Dinosaurs
      • Sam with the Foodimals
    • Both are on a vehicle with a few males:
      • Sam on the boat with Flint,Tim, Earl, Manny, Steve and Brent
      • Ellie on a helicopter with Alan and John


  • Sam wears glasses in the second movie, but in one of the promotional photos where she is holding Barry, but she is not wearing glasses. The photo is in the gallery above.
    • Probably the production initially could have decided on the lack of glasses in Sam's appearance, but they cancelled.
    • They might have trouble putting glasses on Sam, because she was on her side in the photo, so it was difficult to put the glasses on Sam in the right place.

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