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Sam's Imaginary Friend is the 7th episode Cloudy: the series season 2. It is the 59th episode in the series overall.


Flint invents a machine to bring Sam's imaginary friend into the real world.


Sam is having a bad day. Her science project flies away in the wind, she is pranked by Brent into drinking sardines from the school water fountain, and is caught with toilet paper stuck to her foot in the halls.

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Flint overhears Sam ranting to someone about her terrible day, but she insists that she is alone in her weather shed not talking to anyone. Eventually she admits that, since she never had much of a chance to make real friends growing up, she came up with an imaginary one. Flint is hurt that Sam would rather talk to her imaginary friend than her real one, and Sam tells him that Patootie is a girl friend, and that there are topics girls only want to talk about with other girls.

Flint rants to his dad about Sam not confiding in him, but Tim Lockwood agrees that there are things girls only want to talk about with other girls. Tim narrowly avoids giving Flint "the talk" when Flint assumes his dad means for him to befriend Patootie as well as Sam. He creates an invention to bring Patootie into the real world.

Unfortunately, Patootie proves to be overprotective of Sam, keeping Flint away and enacting vicious revenge on Sam's bullies. Sam realizes the havoc she wreaks on the town is too much and that Patootie needs to stay imaginary. Flint reverses his invention and sucks Patootie back into Sam's imagination.


  • A poster outside the girl's restroom shows a raised fist with the word UNITY underneath. This symbol is commonly used in support or solidarity of left-wing causes (such as Communism, Black Power, anarchism, and feminism)[1] implying the people of Swallow Falls may be more politically inclined toward the American Democratic Party.