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Robot Rumble is the 28th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Flint enters his fearsome robot into a robot boxing competition, and when it comes face to face with Mayor Shelbourne's robot, the results are explosive.


Mayor Shelbourne is hosting a Robo-Rumble, with the grand prize being bragging rights and a gift card valued at $24.99. The first match is between Earl Devereaux's robot Tyrannosaurus Pecs and Flint's robot, TREVER (Totally Really Excited to Vanquish Everyone Robot). TREVER was an extension of Flint's idea to make the washer and dryer better at fighting stains, but they ended up fighting each other instead. The Mayor was inspired to host the Robo-Rumble after seeing a handful of townspeople cheering on the fighting laundry appliances and hosted the competition two hours later.

After defeating T-Pecs with a spin cycle, TREVER next defeats Baby Brent, dressed as a robot in a cardboard box, by spraying him with water. However, TREVER is utterly smitten with the Mayor's contender Sylvia. The two of them begin to dance, unable to be controlled by Flint or Gil, so the mayor disqualifies both robots, giving Brent the gift card and dragging Sylvia home.

Inspired by the soap operas she watched in her youth with her nana, Sam decides to help the heartbroken TREVER reunite with Sylvia. After the Mayor refuses to let Sylvia out of the house, Sam sneaks TREVER to the back of the house, where he sings her a serenade. Unfortunately, the Mayor is not happy about the noise (and the fact that it shattered all his windows) so he reprograms Sylvia to destroy TREVER on sight.

Still, love prevails, and Sylvia instead turns her weapons on Mayor Shelbourne. Sam and Flint almost hug instinctively before stopping themselves.

Later, the two robots are walking along when TREVER spots a vending machine. Despite insisting the machine means nothing to him, Sylvia still blows him to bits, destroying herself in the process. Despite this, the two remaining arms continue to hold hands.


"She may have cost me millions of dollars, but it's worth every penny to get that $24.99 gift card." --Mayor Shelbourne


  • TREVER is voiced by Sean Cullen.
  • In the scene where TREVER sings his love song to Sylvia, his love song is the sound of a dial-up modem.