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The Remote-Controlled Television was one of Flint 's first inventions. It has two extendable legs that allow the television to walk up to the user when they press the button on the remote. Unfortunately, immediately after activation, the TV became sentient and went rogue.

It could be seen around town, hiding in the grasslands or strolling through Sardine Circle. It took advantage of the chaos of the food storms to break into a TV store and steal a man (after a man broke in and stole a TV). It takes pleasure in chaos and destruction, kicking the Flying Car II when the townspeople decided to rock it back and forth in anger.

After the townspeople evacuated and were relocated to San Franjose, the Remote-Controlled Television continued to thrive in Swallow Falls, becoming part of the Pickle community complete with a grass skirt and white handprints as part of its "tribal" look. It retained a broken tape of Flint introducing the FLDSMDFR, inadvertently creating the name "N-Woo" from the choppy audio of Flint saying his own name. The Foodimals used this name to refer to Flint.