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Regina Devereaux is a local doctor, Earl Deveraux's wife and mother of Calvin Devereaux. She serves as a minor protagonist.


Regina is a tall, thin woman with brown hair and brown eyes.


Regina is loyal to her family, and is physically fit, catching Cal when Earl throws him like a football. She is not afraid to speak her mind or stand her ground, often putting her husband or other townspeople in their place when they fall out of line.

She finds Earl's verbal dexterity when berating Flint attractive,[1] and is shown to be a skilled mechanic and athlete, training for the Iron-Woman-Judo-Box-Athalon while taking care of her infant son Cal.[1]


Cloudy: The Series[]


Regina lived in Swallow Falls with her husband Earl, serving the community as a doctor while Earl taught high school.[1]

Earl's constant monitoring and punishment of Flint Lockwood meant that Earl was often absent during important moments of her life, including her medical school graduation ceremony and the birth of their son.[1]

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs[]

Regina is often seen alongside her husband Earl. She requests pie from the FLDSMDFR, which leads to the cancellation of a local ball game (echoing a scene from the book). When the dam breaks and all the leftover food from Mount Leftovers comes crashing down, Regina assists Earl with transporting the family's toast boat to the shore. She also catches Cal when Earl throws him to her, instructing Cal to hold on while Earl breaks through the food blocking their path.

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