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Ratbirds and Cheesyworms is the 37th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Flint shares his tale of how he invented Ratbirds.


Sam, irked by Ratbirds' tendency to eat everything and wreak havoc, asks Flint about their creation.

Long before Sam arrived in Swallow Falls, Tim's bait shop was about to go out of business due to the competitor across the street: the Mayor's Best Bait & Beyond. Flint combines worms with another favorite sardine food - cheese - to create Cheezy Worms. Unfortunately, with no natural predators, Cheezy Worms multiplied exponentially, so he created Bat Frogs to eat the Cheezy Worms. So Flint invented Cobradoodles to eat the Bat Frogs, then Scorpiotangs, Bumbleturkeys, and a few unspecified others until inventing a giant Cheezy Worm that terrorized the town. Finally, Flint revealed Ratbirds to take care of the giant Cheezy Worm, and the Ratbirds have remained ever since.


  • Bat Frogs also make an appearance in Flintenstein.
  • Mayor Shelbourne's bait shop, Best Bait & Beyond, is a reference to Bed Bath & Beyond.