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Half-rat, half-parrot, all-disturbing.
— Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs script

Ratbirds are hybrid creatures made by Flint Lockwood as a solution to turn the rat population airborne as a solution to have Swallow Falls's rat population literally fly away. The Ratbirds are hybrid creatures with rat bodies colorful parrot wings and beaks. They caw like roosters in the morning, like real parrots, can also mimic basic human speech, such as the word "beware."


When "Best Bait 'n' Beyond" nearly put Tim's Bait and Tackle out of business, Flint combined sardines' love of worms and cheese to create a new, popular type of bait. However, Cheese Worms became an invasive species, so after a series of genetic engineering mishaps, Flint finally created Ratbirds to take care of the problem.

When Flint introduced the creatures to the residents of Swallow Falls, they broke out of their cage and escaped into the surrounding area, where they bred at "a surprising rate." Despite becoming a nuisance, Flint didn't have the heart to properly dispose of the creatures.

Ratbirds are carnivores and primarily eat sardines, hot dogs, and bacon, but can be fooled by canning any manner of food such as oranges, English muffins, or slabs of butter in sardine-canning machines. Hungry Ratbirds are ravenous and a nuisance, often teaming up to carry people away. Flint was saved by a flock of ratbirds near the end of the first film.


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