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A Ratbird


Ratbirds is another series of Flint's failed inventions. The Ratbirds are all weird-looking hybrid creatures who possess rat bodies, and have colorful parrot wings and beaks.

Apparently, they went rampant on a wild rampage planned to impolitely pick citizens up and take them up to the sky before they drop them back to the ground. By far in the movie, they get better. They seem to be carnivorous, as they are shown eating hot dogs and bacon. They seem to be fond of Flint, because he is their creator. Ratbirds also have a taste for Sardines and do not appear to consider them gross.

Flint's first batch of Ratbirds in a cage.

A Ratbird  also made a cameo in a teaser trailer for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, where it stands on a giant banana near the shore of the Transformed Swallow Falls and crows while Flint Lockwood, Sam Sparks,Brent McHale, Earl, and Manny the cameraman ride on a boat past it, all well as the movie itself where Flint and the gang arrive at the changed island at the old dock.

In Cloudy: the series, ratbirds were shown to be invented by Flint for a purpose, to get rid of the giant cheesy worm that threatened the town.


  • "Quark Quark"


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