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Rainbow Tim is the 42nd episode of Cloudy: The Series Season 2. It is the 94th episode overall.


When Flint discovers his father only sees shades of grey, he sets out to blow Tim's mind with a device that lets him see color.


Gil is busy picking out a flower for Mayor Shelbourne's lapel. The Mayor asks an app on his phone if he is the "flashiest" in the land, which the phone affirms. To ensure no one else can be as flashy as the mayor, he orders Gil to torch the flowers.

Flint comments how pretty the color of the flames are to his dad, who comments that everything looks gray to him. Despite insisting it's not a big deal, Dr. Manny tells him his overexposure to sunlight during his fishing trips has caused his color vision to degrade. Flint cannot accept that his dad can only see gray, so he invents Flint Lockwood Spectacular Spectoculars (FLSS).

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Tim tries on the spectacles and immediately goes giddy from all the new colors he sees. He buys a brightly colored outfit, which the Mayor realizes (and confirms with his phone app) is flashier than his outfit. He even buys Flint a rainbow cheetah-spot patterned scarf, which Flint begrudgingly wears to school. This time, Flint is flashier than Shelbourne, despite Shelbourne adding more flowers to his outfit.

Flint arrives home to find that Tim has painted the entire house in garish, blinding color. The neighbors, including Earl, love the new color and party at the Lockwood house. Tim finds the party too loud, so excuses himself to go fishing. Outside, the mayor's app tells him everyone in town is flashier than him, so he sends Gil inside to arrest the partiers. Instead, Gil strips off his shirt and starts dancing.

On his boat, Tim realizes the blinding colors are scaring the fish away. He changes back to his normal clothes and returns home, telling Flint he likes fishing more than he likes color. In the end, he still keeps the FLSS to use after he's caught the fish.