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Princess Kittymittens is the second episode of Cloudy: the series Season 1.


Flint begs Sam to let him see her most treasured possession, but when Flint damages it, he has to find a way to make it up to her.



Sam shows Flint Princess Kittymittens

At Cannery High, students choose between sardine slop and sardine surprise for lunch (sardine surprise is sardine slop shoved into the student's face by surprise). Flint sits across from Sam and shows her his lunch (sardines), but she is too busy playing with a small electronic device to pay attention. Flint jumps to the conclusion that Sam is a cyborg, using the fact that she can beat him in arm-wrestling as evidence. Flint also wonders if it's a "girl thing" like sleepovers, make-up, feelings, asking for directions, or always asking other girls for a hair elastic. Flint and Brent pester Sam about it during Earl Devereaux's "Cal-aesthetics" course. Flint insists friends don't keep secrets and shows Sam his "weird and hideous rash," so Sam relents and shows him her Princess Kittymittens toy. The toy does not contain video games, is not equipped with artificial intelligence, and cannot communicate via satellite with other Princess Kittymittens toys, but the device is like family to Sam, being the only belonging she has been able to keep every time she moved.

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Princess Kittymittens

Flint bugs Sam incessantly to let him play with it, and she eventually gives in because Flint was so annoying. But Flint immediately breaks Princess Kittymittens and flees before Sam could notice. He tries to fix the toy, suppressing his guilt by slurping on a juice box, but fails to put it back together. He starts panic-inventing, revealing the Vaccu-Brush, which began to suck at Tim Lockwood's head. Tim suggests Flint tell Sam the truth - so Flint tells Sam her Princess Kittymittens was abducted by aliens. Sam immediately sees through the lie, and Flint reluctantly hands over the broken toy. Sam calls Flint a murderer and flees, screaming. Tim suggests Flint apologize. Flint tries to give Sam a "replacement Kittymittens" (Steve in a princess dress and make-up) but Sam explains that Princess Kittymittens was irreplaceable. Flint suggests since he broke something of Sam's, she could break something of his, and Sam accepts. Sam tries to pick an invention to destroy, but Flint denies each one. Sam reminds him of their deal, so Flint allows her to push his Mr. Eureka invention off the top of the cannery.


Flint's lie about how Princess Kittymittens was broken

When Flint says his goodbyes, he reminds Sam of all the ideas Mr. Eureka helped him create, such as a Lightning Proof Balloon, Automatic Duck Legs, and a Cloud-Punching Machine. Touched that Flint made all those inventions for her, Sam lets Flint keep Mr. Eureka. But Flint accidentally kicks the machine, and it rolls across town and blows up his lab.

Sam realizes she doesn't need Princess Kittymittens now that she has a best friend, and Flint, thinking she means someone else, insists he wouldn't break Sam's best friend. Sam tells Flint that he is her best friend, and he asks how you would even break a Flint Lockwood - before falling off the cannery roof.


  • Princess Kittymittens is a reference to the virtual pet product.
  • Flint has a theory that Sam is a cyborg. In the episode The Boy Who Cried Robot, Flint also thinks Sam is a robot.


"I mean, how would you even break a Flint Lockwood?" --Flint Lockwood