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Power Struggle is the 2nd episode of season 2 of Cloudy: the series. It is the 54th episode in the series overall.


When Flint's inventing makes the power bill skyrocket, Tim takes the Lockwood house off the grid.


Tim Lockwood receives an electric bill for one million dollars due to Flint's unnecessary electricity use. He shuts off the power to Flint's lab and tells him to go off the grid. Flint works in complete darkness, complaining about having to use candles and living without television to watch with his dad.

Flint reaches out to Sam and tells her to distract Tim while Flint devises an alternative power source. Sam is a little reluctant, since she feels she and Tim don't have much in common, but it turns out she has a knack for fishing. She even uses deductive reasoning to guess what Tim's fishing metaphors mean, which he appreciates. Meanwhile, Flint's attempt to use solar power sets the house on fire, and his wind powered invention flies away.

Flint finally powers his lab using Ratbirds, but becomes jealous of the time Sam is spending with his dad. He heads to the docks, leaving his running Ratbird power unattended, where it overloads and shoots a burst of power into the sky, electrocuting the townspeople. They rely on Sam's casting ability to pull the linchpin from the machine to release the Ratbirds. The machine lands in the power station, creating a net gain of a million dollars and fifty cents' worth of electricity.

Tim laments not being able to sleep under the stars, but Flint tells him they still can. Flint, Sam, and Tim sleep under the stars, viewing the night sky through the burnt-off roof of the Lockwood house.


  • Tim Lockwood knows basic Spanish, thanking Manny for the mail