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The Power Plant is a location in Swallow Falls featured in the video game. Flint Lockwood used the power plant to provide enough electricity for the FLDSMDFR.


The power plant is located in Swallow Falls directly north of the docks and east of Sardine Circle.


Videogame conceptart power station

During the grand opening of Sardine Land, Flint snuck to the power plant to power the FLDSMDFR (briefly electrocuting himself in the process). The power provided was so great that the machine rocketed across town before shooting into the sky.

In the video game, after the FLDSMDFR's food weather began to over-mutate, Tim Lockwood reached out to Flint, instructing him to help workers at the power plant perform repairs by removing oversized burgers with the help of the Outtasighter.


  • The power plant level was featured as part of the video game's demo.