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Poppa Piglet is the 25th episode of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Series Season 2. It is the 77th episode of the series.


When Mayor Shelbourne throws out Gil's favorite Poppa Piglet toys, Gil leaves home and moves in with Flint.


The episode begins with Flint and Sam at the island's dump. Flint is finding trash to recycle for his inventions, he finds a vacuum full of bees, a leaky chainsaw, and a toaster that has a Ratbird in it. Sam complains, but decides to join Flint in finding trash for his work. She finds a mangled Poppa Piglet head that she tosses to Flint in fear, with Flint tossing it back to her, causing the two to throw it back and fourth. Gil pops out of a trash bag and grabs the Poppa Piglet head midair, saying that it belongs to him. Flint questions Gil on why he is at the dump, in which Gil explains its a long story that shouldn't be told. Flint and Sam leave him, uninterested in his story, but Gil changes his mind and explains what happened. Gil begins his story with how he is the #1 Superfan of Poppa Piglet, a child-like show that seemed to teach about basic manners such as good relationships. Gil surprises his dad with tickets to see Poppa Piglet perform on the docks of Swallow Falls. Shelbourne grabs the tickets and rips them apart, saying that Poppa Piglet was too childish for the son of the Mayor. Shelbourne throws out his Poppa Piglet merchandise to the dump, which is why Gil was searching in the dump to retrieve his thrown out stuff. Flint and Sam look at each other with a bit of worry

Sam explains to Gil that Poppa Piglet seemed to skew young, causing Gil to cry and mention how Sam sounds like his father. As Gil cries on Flint's labcoat, Flint says that Shelbourne shouldn't have thrown his stuff out. This causes Gil to muster up the courage to confront his dad about the situation. Cutting to the island, Flint walks with Sam while pushing a cart full of trash he collected. The two pass by the Mayor's mansion and overhear Gil arguing with his dad. Gil explains that he should watch Poppa Piglet as much as he wants as well as saying Flint agrees with him. This causes the Mayor to kick him out, insisting he lived with Lockwood instead. Gil walks up to Flint and Sam, saying to Flint that his dad allowed him to stay at Lockwood's place. Flint reluctantly lets Gil stay, with Sam saying to Flint that he is really tangled in Gil's mess. Flint goes to his house, bringing Gil with him. Tim is picking out weeds in his garden, he asks Flint why he brought a pile of garbage. Flint mistakenly thinks he was talking about Gil and properly introduces him. Flint explains to his dad that he accidentally caused Gil and his dad to argue, hence why he brought Gil in. Gil almost immedietly finishes up fixing Tim's garden, explaining how his dad was strict with how the tomatoes and marigolds should be set together. Tim is impressed and Flint lets Gil set up his things.

During the night, where Flint and Gil are sharing the same bedroom, Gil mentions to Flint that he isn't worried about how long it would take for his dad to ask him to return home, hoping that it wouldn't take long. The next day, Flint wakes up to the smell of bacon, seeing that Gil cooked up a hearty breakfast for the two. Flint tells Gil that he didn't need to do that, but Gil dismisses it as nothing while also mentioning that he packed their lunches, fixed the toilets, and made their beds. Gil then has a mini-breakdown on how he didn't make a better breakfast for his father instead. Cutting to the Mayor, he wakes up with an eyemask over his eyes. Thinking that its due to the lights, he freaks out and attempts to call Gil to help him, only to remember that he wasn't with him anymore. Cutting back to Flint's place, Gil is watching Poppa Piglet and gives Flint his labcoat, saying how he cleaned his labcoat similar to how he would clean his dad's clothes. He also gives Tim his daily shirt, but reccommends that he put on a more colored version of his shirt, mentioning how his dad likes a more showy outfit. Back at Shelbourne's mansion, Shelbourne struggles with putting on clothes, being unable to put on some pants. Gil takes care of Tim's mustache, by using shaving cream to shave it. Tim asks Gil if he misses his dad, in which Gil replies that he finds it funny even though he cries right after the statement. Mayor Shelbourne tries to brush his teeth using a toilet cleaner, saying that he doesn't need Gil to do it for him. He then falls down the stairs due to him not knowing how stairs work.

Flint and Sam meet up at school, Sam asks Flint how his houseguest is doing. Flint mentions that he is trying to stay busy, but obviously misses his dad a lot. Sam asks why he doesn't just go back to his home with Flint saying that he thinks he wants Shelbourne to ask his son to come home. Gil bursts out of Flint's locker, mentioning how he threw out his inventions. Flint freaks out from that and drags Shelbourne to talk to his son. Shelbourne and Gil have another arguement, ending with Shelbourne saying he doesn't take advice from ungrateful children. After school, Shelbourne orders a steak from a diner. He commands the knife to cut up the steak as he is so used to Gil cutting it for him. He yells for someone to help him to no avail. Flint, Sam, and Gil are at a table next to him, with Flint saying that his dad could use Gil's help. Gil runs to his dad and asks if he needs help, but Shelbourne insists he can cut his own steak. He fails to grab the knife, instead grabbing other things that aren't a knife, which causes Gil to do it for him and run away crying. Flint and Sam sit with Shelbourne, Shelbourne explains that cutting the steak could've taken him all night. Flint and Sam tell him that he needs his son, but Shelbourne denies, biting directly into the plate due to not knowing how to eat properly.

During the night, Shelbourne watches Poppa Piglet and finally realizes that he needs his son. Poppa Piglet reminds the viewers that he is going to perform on the docks of Swallow Falls, giving Mayor Shelbourne an idea. On the next day, Poppa Piglet is performing infront of an audience, with Gil crying on the front row. Poppa Piglet asks Gil why he is sad and Gil explains that he wishes his father were there with him. Poppa Piglet reassures Gil saying that his dad would like him to come home now. Poppa Piglet then tears off his head to reveal Mayor Shelbourne being dressed up as him. Shelbourne finally invites his son back, with Gil squealing excitedly and following his dad. Flint and Sam question where the real Poppa Piglet is, in which he is at the dump being chased by Old Rick.


  • Poppa Piglet is a reference to Peppa Pig.
  • Continuity: Gil still keeps his toenail from Total Samesies.
  • Mayor Shelbourne breaks the fourth wall by grabbing the camera shaking it, telling the viewers "I can't do this!"