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Pomegranates are enemy food creatures that appear in the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs video game.


Pomegranate enemies appear like an ordinary pomegranate, except that it is about 4-5 feet in diameter.


Pomegranates are ranged attackers, shooting seeds at Flint and Steve from a distance. When Flint is within range, the pomegranate will fire a rapid line of seeds at Flint, stunning him and pushing him back slightly when hit. However, when Flint gets too close, the pomegranate will cower in fear, leaving it vulnerable to be sliced with the Chopper-er. Holding a coconut shell with the Forkamajigger can defend Flint against its seed shot, allowing him to approach.

In the PSP version, pomegranates fire an array of seeds that covers a large area, shooting three sets of 9 seeds. When hit, Flint is not stunned or pushed back, but simply takes damage. However, the pomegranate does not cower when Flint gets close, and continues to shoot seeds.