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Piece of Cake Person
Aliases Crab Cakelet
Food base Crab Cake
Animal/lifeform base Crab
Diet Unknown
Habitat Foodimal Jungle

The Piece of Cake Person is an unusual Foodimal that has no animalistic traits and appears to be a simple living piece of chocolate crab cake with pink and white icing, candle-like legs and arms and two eyeballs with blue pupils. It is an offspring of the Crab Cake.

Its sole appearance is in a teaser trailer for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, in service of a pun.

Crab Cakes[]


Crab cakes are crab-cake-based Foodimals with strawberry icing and they possess the characteristics and behavior of a crab. They appear to be in a similar family of Foodimals to the Piece of Cake.

They resemble a whole crab cake on its side with six crab legs coming out of its left and right sides. Its mouth appears to be a missing slice and both its claws are actually pieces of crab cake. It also has two large cupcake eye stalks with red cherry pupils.

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