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The Pickles
Aliases Pickle People
Food Base Pickle
Animal/Lifeform Base Humans
Diet Omnivorous
Habitat Pickle Village

Pickles, as they are simply called, is one of the few sapient foods on the transformed Swallow Falls, and are more like humans rather than Foodimals, making them something more akin to "Food People". They display human-level intelligence and appear to have formed a tribe-like society on the island. They even became friends with Tim.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

The pickles saw Tim at his old sardine restaurant and they ate his sardines. Later they followed him to his boat and learned how to fish. They made friends with Tim. Later they followed Lockwood to Chester V's building.


Pickles resemble large pickles with anthropomorphic traits, such as vine-like arms and legs with hands and feet made of leaves. Their eyes appears to be black olives with red centers that act like pupils. Their mouths appear to resemble a sliced cut in their heads with small seeds for teeth. On their heads they may grow vines and leaves like hair, much like humans. Also like humans, they have varied appearances amongst each other and appear to have gender dimorphism, with females having a more shapely hour-glass figure, grassy eyelashes on their eyes and more leaves and vines on their heads than males.


As mentioned above, Pickles appear to have human-like intelligence and behavior, having developed a primitive culture, the ability to use tools such as fishing rods as spears, and a tribal society on the island. They communicate through simplistic grunts and can seem quite aggressive towards that which they do not understand. Also, they keep Foodimals as pets such as Onions, plus they also appear to like sardines.

Chum-Eating Pickle

The Chum Eating Pickle does like sardines and chum, but is likely more prone to being fished.


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