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Penguipocalypse is the 4th episode of Cloudy: the series season 2. It is the 56th episode in the series overall. It follows Brentonium and its YTV debut was 7 April 2018.


Sam receives a pet penguin from her Pet of the Month Club.


Flint is busy inventing a way to diversify food options in Swallow Falls when Sam appears with a box. She tells Flint she's part of the Pet of the Month Club and reveals the current month's pet - a penguin she names Mr. Tuxedo. Flint freaks out at the sight of the penguin, since penguins are strictly banned from Swallow Falls due to their diet of sardines and other types of small fish. Flint tries to take Mr. Tuxedo away, so Sam stashes him in a closet, only to find out it is a duplication invention, called Flint's Copy Closet. Upon Flint seeing Sam's adorable appearance within, the lab overflows with at least over 1024 penguins, who escape out the window, thus starting the Penguipocalypse.

When the penguins overrun the town and eat all the sardines, Flint and Sam try to spin the thousands of penguins as a tourist attraction. The mayor, on the other hand, decides to "can" the penguins and sell them as food.

Sam saves Mr. Tuxedo from the grinder while Flint ultimately jams and forcibly stops the machine with one of his own creations, and in the nick of time, a large amount of tourists arrive to adopt all the penguins and carry them by ship. In the end, the mayor complains that only one sardine remains, so Flint uses his Copy Closet to duplicate the sardines back to fruition, only for a lot of the latter to occur.


  • The name Penguipocalypse is a portmanteau between a penguin and an apocalypse.