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Patrick Patrickson is the Weather News Network anchorman. He was voiced by Al Roker.


Patrick Patrickson is a well-dressed, clean-shaven man in a purple suit and tie. He has a tall face, dark skin and dark brown hair.


Patrick Patrickson is an exuberant anchorman with a strong voice and an even stronger personality. He is shown to be fond of puns and poking fun at others. He likes to be the center of attention, growing distressed when Sam Sparks interrupts his banter with coworker Nancy over her report about otters getting wet.


Patrick Patrickson was the anchorman for Sam's first broadcast from Swallow Falls. He presumably hosted all of her subsequent weather reports, but was not seen again until the Chewandswallow Grand Opening when Sam reported on the Spaghetti Twister. He did not take the situation seriously, instead mocking Sam for looking like a nerd.

He continued to undercut the danger, gleefully reporting on the bizarre weather patterns until a pretzel crashed through the ceiling of his studio.

Six months later, Patrick reported on Flint Lockwood's humiliating mishap at the Live Corp Vesting Ceremony.

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