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Party Tron is the 32nd episode of season 2 of Cloudy: The Series. It is the 84th episode overall.


Sam pretends to be Flint's new robot, but finds herself in peril.


In the lab, Flint unveils his Party Tron 6000. The tests prove the robot is not safe for children (or anything living) but Flint had promised to provide the party robot at Cal's birthday party. Sam pretends to be sick to get out of explaining the mishap to Earl, but she feels bad when Flint laments his failure.

At the party, Flint stammers and stutters trying to explain that there would be no robot at the party, when the Party Tron appears, ready to party. To Flint's surprise, the robot uses face paint without stabbing Cal with the paintbrush. When Earl asks the robot to dance, it's revealed that Sam is inside, pretending to be Party Tron.

Back at the lab, an exhausted Sam climbs out of the robot just as Flint arrives. She doesn't have the heart to tell Flint the truth after seeing how much the success of Party Tron boosted his confidence.

Brent books Party Tron and plays horsey with it, Manny uses it as a piñata, and Old Rick rents Party Tron to sing at the retirement home. Exhausted, Sam nearly tells Flint the truth, but Flint announces that the Mayor had promised to put him on the cover of Inventor's Weekly if Party Tron leaps into a sardine cake at the town's anniversary celebration.

The mayor reveals that the simple act of jumping into the cake is actually a daredevil stunt involving diving from a plane with no parachute. Sam immediately reveals herself to Flint, but before he can pull her out, the Mayor throws Party Tron out of the plane. Flint leaps out after Sam using the anniversary banner as a parachute. They survive the fall through a ring of fire, a ring of snakes, and a ring of knives.

Without Sam inside, the real Party Tron boots up and breathes fire at Brent and the townspeople.