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The Outtasighter was an invention that Flint created to toss the leftovers from Swallow Falls "out of sight, and therefore out of mind." In reality, all the tossed food accumulated in a mountain of leftovers aptly named "Mount Leftovers," which is held back from the town from a "presumably indestructible" dam which collapses under the weight of the excessive leftovers.


The Outtasighter is a modified street sweeper with oversized utensils. These fork and spoon arms scoop up extra food onto a plate, which then dumps onto a bucket that launches the food skyward. It trundles around on treads and is equipped with a megaphone and a pop-out Stop sign to alert passersby of its passing.

Video Game[]

The Outtasighter can be used two different ways in the video game: it can suck up liquids such as chili, guacamole, oil, and honey; or it can use its fork and knife to jab food like burritos and burgers, launching them "out of sight, out of mind."



  • It's also seen scooping unwanted ice-cream on Cal's birthday.
  • The Outtasighter is similar to a truck used by the Sanitation Department of Chewandswallow to clean up after each meal in the book. In the book, when the Sanitation Department cleaned up after every meal, they then used the leftovers to feed all the cats and dogs, and also poured some of it into the surrounding oceans for the fish, turtles, and whales to eat, and some of the leftovers were put back into the ground so the soil would be richer for the people's flower gardens.