The Outtasighter about to dump ice cream onto it's launch bucket.

The Outtasighter was an invention that Flint created to move out the leftovers from Chewandswallow into the northern hill later forming Mt leftovers


it's a huge modified truck with fork and spoon arms that scoops up unwanted food onto a plate which then dumps onto a bucket that launches it into the north hills. It moves on caterpillar tracks (worked by a clockwork mechanism) and two front wheels. It's also taller then the average semi truck and with top megaphone & pop out caution + stop sign


  • It first appears in a broadcast by Sam Sparks introducing the vehicle after being manufactured.
  • It's also seen scooping unwanted ice-cream on Cal's birthday.
  • The Outtasighter is similar to a truck used by the Sanitation Department of Chewandswallow to clean up after each meal in the book.
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