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Out to FLUNCH is the 14th episode Cloudy: the series season 2. It is the 66th episode in the series overall. It debuted 28 April 2018 after Something Fishy before The Kid's Got Moxy


When Shelbourne takes Flint's beloved new invention away from him, Sam organises a heist to retrieve it.


Unsatisfied with the Sardine Surprise for lunch, Flint uses the Flint Lockwood Universal Nutrient Creation Hub to create many tasty snacks and meals. Flint is very protective of FLUNCH, but Brent steals the FLUNCH and miraculously guesses the correct password to the machine. The FLUNCH gives Brent a deep-fried vanilla peanut butter bacon milkshake with extra gravy, and he leaves with the FLUNCH in tow.

Earl confiscates the FLUNCH from Brent, but refuses to return it to Flint. The FLUNCH gives Earl fruity protein bars, but Gil instead steals it from Earl. Principal Shelbourne confiscates the FLUNCH and uses it to consume great amounts of food.

Sam, Brent, Earl, Gil, and Old Rick all agree to help Flint retrieve the FLUNCH. At Flint's lab, Gil shows a map of his dad's office, And Brent, Gil, and Earl suggest different plans to distract him (Old Rick blabbers nonsensically). Sam takes the lead by appointing everyone with tasks: Earl as the muscle man, Flint as the gear guy, Old Rick as comic relief, Brent as the brains, Gil as the inside guy, and Sam as the narrator.

The plan is to reach Shelbourne's office by going through the vents. Earl, Flint, and Old Rick successfully find vents to go through, while Brent goes into the vending machine, trapping himself. Gil uses his key to enter the office through the door. Earl uses his strength to pry the slumbering Shelbourne's arms off the FLUNCH, but Shelbourne's grip is unbreakable. The group swaps Gil with the FLUNCH, causing the Mayor to hug his son. Now with the FLUNCH, the group goes back up the vents with Flint's grapple hook. As they go up, Old Rick's change falls out of his pocket, falling to the floor and making noise. Shelbourne releases Gil and naps with the coin instead.

Flint thanks everyone for helping him get his FLUNCH back, and Sam then asks Flint if they can share since they've gone great lengths to get it back. Flint happily does so, seeing how everyone wanted it in the first place. He sets his FLUNCH to group trough mode, letting everyone eat what they desire. Flint says to Sam that she was right and should've shared from the start while Sam heavily snacks on the food. Shelbourne then barges in, using a snorkel and diving into the food, chomping on Old Rick's beard in the process.


  • Shelbourne has the ability to tell when the coin was minted just by the sound of it dropping