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Operation Slice and Dice was a plan by Chester V to capture and kill Foodimals for use in Version 8.0 of Live Corp Food Bars.

Food with legs is much harder to catch. They hide, they fight back, they want to live... urgh!
— Chester V


Live Corp Factory

After setbacks on Operation Capture the Invention due to Cheespider attacks, Chester realized he would have to eliminate the Foodimals if he had any chance of reaching the FLDSMDFR. The plan for Operation Slice and Dice was to construct a factory on the island where Food Bar Version 8.0 could be produced, with the long-term plan of paving the island to work in complete secrecy.


After the success of Operation Capture the Invention and the capture of Flint's friends, Chester ordered that his Thinkquanauts should gather any Foodimals they could and bring them to the factory, where they would be ground into food bars using the Super-Sized Food Bar Machine.

Food Bar Machine

Despite throwing Flint Lockwood off a sheer rock candy cliff, Chester anticipated that Flint would return to save his friends. He bound Sam Sparks, Manny, Steve, Brent McHale, and Earl Devereaux in yellow police tape and dangled them over the food bar machine, threatening to turn them into food bars. Despite Barb insisting they never planned to kill Flint's friends, Chester insisted that he couldn't leave any witnesses and lowered them towards the food bar machine, spawning multiple holograms to trick Flint.

His arrogance led to his downfall, as Flint used the Celebrationator to find the real Chester V and save his friends. When Chester tried to run with the FLDSMDFR, he was stopped by a horde of Foodimals that had been freed by Barry the Strawberry. Barb refused to help him escape, and his holograms disappeared when he needed them to catch him. He couldn't even save himself, as just before reaching the exit he was eaten by a Cheespider.