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Operation Capture the Invention was a plan by Chester V to locate the FLDSMDFR and use it to further Live Corp's goals - specifically the release of Live Corp Food Bar version 8.0.



The food that the FLDSMDFR created was far more delicious than regularly-produced food. Upon discovering this, Chester V decided to stake the release of the next version of his company's food bar on the use of food created by the FLDSMDFR.


After the destruction of the machine, Chester V flew to Swallow Falls in a Help-icopter under the guise of offering humanitarian aid to the locals. He generously offered to relocate everyone off the island while his Thinkquanauts would presumably clean up the leftover food. In reality, the Thinkquanauts were tasked with locating the FLDSMDFR.

BSUSB Takeover

Unfortunately, before the machine could be located, it had started producing Cheespiders, which devoured members of the search teams sent to the island. After six months and 25 lost search teams, Chester decided the best course of action would be to send Flint Lockwood and his friends to the island to locate the machine.

Chester provided Flint with a Bifurcating Systematic Universal Stop Button (BSUSB), which he told Flint would destroy the machine and all its creations. After discovering that the majority of the Foodimals were friendly, Flint had second thoughts about plugging in the BSUSB. Chester plugged the BSUSB into the machine instead, reprogramming the machine and removing its sentience. He gave the green light for Operation Slice and Dice, then took the FLDSMDFR to the Live Corp Factory.