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Now You See Him is the 11th episode Cloudy: the series season 2. It is the 63rd episode in the series overall. It debuted 21 April 2018 on YTV after Baby Talk and before Major Science


When Mayor Shelbourne incorrectly believes Flint's invention has made him invisible, he lives out his dream and goes on a tear through the town.


The episode begins with a flashy intro sequence of Mayor Shelbourne's idea for a funding event (done for tax purposes). He refuses every proposed idea by having Gil throw banana pies at them. As several townsfolk are rejected, Flint proposes the Flint Lockwood Invisibility Perfume, or the FLIP. The Mayor is immediately interested at the idea of being invisible and demands that Flint tests it out on him. Flint uses the invention on the Mayor, but it doesn't work. Gil pretends that his father is invisible, and the Mayor excitedly mentions how he can finally rest in his office with no distraction. Flint is uncomfortable about lying to the Mayor about being invisible, but Sam reminds Flint that he now has money to fix his inventions, and that the FLIP makes the Mayor happy.

The Mayor, thinking he is invisible, runs around and hits the townsfolk, stripping naked while Flint and Sam watch in horror. The Mayor boasts to his father about his invisibility, and Hector questions if son "cracked his corncob" instead of himself. At school, Shelbourne continues to run around the school in his underwear, pranking the students while Gil pays them off to keep silent about his visibility.

While Flint unsuccessfully tries to fix the FLIP, Mayor Shelbourne tries to rip off Earl's chest hair. He fails to do so due to how dense Earl's chest hair is. Gil pays off Earl with a decent amount of money for Cal's college funds. The Mayor gives Brent a wedgie and spooks him into thinking the mayor is a ghost.

At the bait shop, Flint asks his father if someone should be told the truth if they're happier with the lie. Tim says a fishing metaphor about the situation, in which Flint doesn't understand as usual. Shelbourne trashes the bait and tackle shop, then mentions he plans to ride the fiercest Wolfshark in the zoo.

At the zoo, Shelbourne taunts the Wolfshark, flicking its nose. Flint arrives with the completed FLIP, and an impatient Gil orders Flint to make his dad invisible. Shelbourne hears his son say that and checks himself on a nearby trough full of water, discovering he is visible. The Mayor flees the Wolfshark, and Flint accidentally hits the Wolfshark with his invention.

Later, the wheelchair-borne Shelbourne angrily asks Gil why he lied about being invisible. Gil replies that it was to make him happy. Shelbourne is displeased and asks to be comforted by money rather than his son. Gil chuckles nervously as he pulls out an empty money bag due to him using the money to repay the Mayor's antics. The Mayor screams in horror, causing Gil to wish he was invisible, with Shelbourne responding that he is invisible to him.


  • The episode title is a reference to the saying "Now you see him, now you don't".
  • In the Arabic airing of this episode, a lot of scenes had to be cut due to Mayor Shelbourne being half-nude during the episode.