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My Pop Is Tops is the 29th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series. It debuted on YTV at 8:30am (EST) on Saturday 5 August 2017. It is the first episode, followed by Clone Alone.


Flint and Gil argue over who has a better dad, setting off a secret competition pitting Tim and Mayor Shelbourne against each other.


The episode begins with the kids at school fawning over Gil's new Super Smart Phone. Gil claims his dad's riches make him the greatest, while Flint insists his dad is the greatest, and that on the Periodic Table of Dads, Flint's dad is hydrogen (number 1) while Gil's dad is Bohrium (Number 107). Sam tells the two boys it's ridiculous to argue when they can instead make the debate into a game show called Whose Pops is Tops.

The first challenge is best hugger. Flint and his dad awkwardly can't figure out how a hug works, so Sam rates it a 2 on her arbitrary scale. Gil bargains for a $3.75 hug, which Sam rates as "surprisingly emotional" and gives an 8.

The second challenge is whose dad is the smartest. Sam gives Tim a logic question at a rapid pace, and Tim flounders until Flint suggests he think of them all as sardines, to which Tim immediately gives the correct answer. Sam tries to give a mathematical problem to Mayor Shelbourne, but since the subject was "a boat full of money," the mayor fled the scene to catch the imaginary boat, forfeiting the challenge.

The last challenge is whose dad is the funniest. Both dads fail miserably, with Tim Lockwood fumbling the jokes and Mayor Shelbourne insulting the audience. Sam leaves the "show" on a cliffhanger, telling the audience to tune in tomorrow to see the tiebreaker.

At home, Flint tries to improve his dad's comedy ability, but when Tim fails to understand the premise of a knock-knock joke, Flint decides to invent a robotic dad to program at will. Meanwhile, Mayor Shelbourne is displeased by Gil's inability to dance and insists he use Gil's understudy.

Brent kicks Sam off her own show to announce Mayor Shelbourne, who had replaced Gil with Replacement Gil, and Flint with his robotic dad. Tim sees how well robotic Tim can tell a joke and leaves, disheartened. But when robotic Tim also mistakes a knock-knock joke for someone at the door, the real Tim comes in with a knock-knock joke of his own. Despite the heartwarming father-son moment, Mayor Shelbourne and Gil 2.0 win the prize.

Flint's robotic dad accidentally squashes Mayor Shelbourne, and when Tim picks up the robot effortlessly, Flint brags that his dad is stronger than Gil's dad, to which Earl Devereaux lifts up the entire school auditorium.