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Mrs. Tinklebottom is the 44th episode of Cloudy: The Series Season 2. It is the 96th episode overall.


Mr. Earl thinks of himself as the healthiest person in Swallow Falls, but he's hiding a delicious, frosting-topped secret.


Earl is on a mission to enforce healthy eating habits on everyone in school, including Flint, who uses his Holographic Projector to appear like a unicorn. Meanwhile, Mayor Shelbourne is unsatisfied with Gil's baking skills, so he decides to host a one-day baking competition with the grand prize of a blue ribbon.

At the end of the contest, the mayor declares Lunch Lady Susan's upside-down cake to be too right-side-up, Flint's cake is disgustingly carbonated, and Sam had already eaten her cake. The winner is declared to be the creator of a batch of heavenly cupcakes. Earl discretely leaves a placard naming the creator as a Mrs. Tinklebottom, then tries to take the ribbon, saying he'd pass it on to the winner. The mayor insists on giving the ribbon to the winner in person in front of the whole school.

Earl reaches out to Flint to use his Holographic Projector instead of admitting that he was the one who baked the cupcakes. Earl transforms into a little old lady, and Flint warns him not to get wet and not to talk, since the projector has no voice modulation.

The mayor asks if Mrs. Tinklebottom's cookies are as good as her cupcakes, and Earl gets to work making his flambee cookies. Flint freaks out over the fire and, despite his own warning, douses Earl with water. The whole school sees Earl for who he is, but they accept him fully, being most surprised that Flint's invention works. Overjoyed at being accepted for who he is, Earl wraps everyone in a bear hug.