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Mr. Stressup is the 22nd episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


After being inured by one of Flint's inventions, Tim's doctor wants him to relax, and Flint has just the thing to help.


Tim Lockwood has just finished closing up the tackle shop when Flint bursts in with the Flint Lockwood Fish De-hoker Magnet which accidentally magnetizes everything in the shop and severely injures Mr. Lockwood. Manny, acting as Tim Lockwood's doctor, tells Flint that his dad is stressed and needs to relax.

Pamper Bot

At home, Flint prepared a relaxing, candlelit room scented with lavender, before introducing a Pamper Bot, which shaves off Tim's moustache and causes his stress levels to rise. Despite being told not to invent anything, Flint sends Tim out to space, which Tim admits is rather relaxing until it runs out of fuel and re-enters Earth's atmosphere, crashing into Flint's lab.

Manny issues an ultimatum: Flint must choose between inventing or his father. Sam advises to relax the way his dad likes to relax, so the three of them go fishing. Unfortunately, instead of a fish, Tim instead catches Pamper Bot, who tears through the ship to reach Tim. Flint combines two of his previous inventions to destroy the Pamper Bot and save his dad.


  • This is the first time Tim's eyes are seen in the series.