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Mount Leftovers, also known as "Mount Foody," was a mountain of the result of leftover food accumulated by the Outtasighter. It features prominently in the video game.


Mount Leftovers was located directly north of Sardine Circle, sustained by the "presumably indestructible" Swallow Falls Dam. A multi-lane freeway cut through the mountain of food and was used as a school bus route.


The mountain was created using the leftover food launched by the Outtasighter after being cleaned up from around town. Mayor Shelbourne treated the towering mound of food as a tourist attraction during the grand opening of Chewandswallow. During the FLDSMDFR's worldwide food storm, the dam collapsed and an avalanche of leftover food buried the town.



  • "Mount Foody" is a reference to Mount Fuji
  • Originally, the leftover food was going to be collected in an upside-down-pyramid-shaped building known as the Million Room Hotel[1]
    • It was designed to be a monument to stupidity, showing the mayor's grand ideas balancing on a slim foundation
    • The building was modeled and partially textured before the question arose of how such an opulent building was created in such a short time