Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Wiki
Food base Toast
Animal/lifeform base Mosquito
Diet Carnivorous (Buttoads)
Habitat Breakfast Bog
Named by Sam Sparks
Thankfully, unlike mosquitos, Mosquitoasts only drink butter from their cinnamon stick beak! Browned bread slices and beady raisins eyes make up these crazy flying creatures.

Mosquitoasts are butter-loving Foodimals that are both predator and prey to Buttoads. They are toasted bread-based Foodimals that buzz around the Breakfast Bog like a mosquito. It has raisins for eyes and a cinnamon stick probiscus.

Mosquitoasts, while content to eat Buttoads, will also nibble on humans, especially during times of low barometric pressure, such as before a storm. Unlike normal mosquitoes, however, Flint and his friends do not appear to suffer any negative reaction to Mosquitoast bites beyond minor annoyance.