Monkey Me Monkey You is the 17th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


When Flint accidentally combines himself with Steve, he must learn to live with the monkey inside him.


  • Wolfshark first appeared in this episode.
  • When Flint grabs the drone at the top of the factory. This might be a reference to the king kong movie.

Inventions in this episode

  • Flint Lockwood Soda Seeker Super Straw
  • Flint Lockwood Smush'em Up
  • Bathtub Fax Machine
  • Cactus Toilet
  • Macaroni Pants
  • Chicken Wings
  • Wolf Shark

Memorable Quote

Flint: Wolfshark!

Sam: Woah Woah Woah. Where did you get the shark?

Flint: Sam, the same way I got the wolf.


Flint: I have to tell you something dad. It's kind of important.

(Tim covers his face with the newspaper)

Tim: Is it about the dogfish?

Flint: It's a wolfshark ,dad! and, that doesn't matter right now. This is about me. My body is going through some changes I can't explain.

(Tim puts down the newspaper, tapping on the table awkwardly)

Tim: Well, you see son. When the little fish grows into a big fish.

Flint: Dad, no it's not

(Flint covers his face with his hair)

Tim: He started to notice some changes with his fin.

Flint: Dad, please!

(Monkey Fur drops on Flint)

Flint: Monkey Fur, Monkey Fur. It's happening already. Monkey blood is coursing through my vein.

(Flint runs out of the shop)

Tim: I think that went pretty well


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