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Monkey Me Monkey You is the 17th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


When Flint accidentally combines himself with Steve, he must learn to live with the monkey inside him.


Flint invents the Flint Lockwood Soda Seeker Super Straw, which is promptly confiscated by Earl. Flint vents to Sam about it, before she makes a comment about how frustrating it is to use jam and jelly without getting jelly in the jam jar or jam in the jelly jar. Flint insists on inventing something to help Sam with the dilemma, so he heads back to the lab and creates the Flint Lockwood Smush'em Upper to put together Sam's sandwich.

Flint shows more examples, such as a Bathtub Fax Machine, Cactus Toilet, Macaroni Pants, Chicken Wig, and Wolf Shark, which promptly escapes the lab. Steve hops in one chamber to lick off some leftover "jam," which Flint assumes means the machine is jammed. The Chicken Wig presses the button, activating the machine. Though Steve left the chamber before being combined, Sam and Flint didn't see it, so Flint assumes he has merged with Steve.

Flint assumes stray banana peels and monkey hair are signs of his transformation, while Steve is continuing his usual monkey business out of sight of Flint and Sam. Flint goes to his dad for help, but Tim mistakes Flint's complaints as relating to puberty. The next morning, Flint mistakes Steve against the mirror for his own reflection, strips his clothes and runs outside. Steve puts on Flint's lab coat, which Sam assumes is Flint's full transformation.

Sam catches Steve, but sees Flint running naked through the town and realizes what has happened. Flint goes to the zoo and enters the baboon enclosure, where Sam tells him that the merge didn't happen. The baboon is about to attack Flint when the Wolf Shark appears. The Wolf Shark and baboon fall in love, and a news report announces a baby wolf shark/baboon hybrid.


  • Flint grabs a drone at the top of the factory, referencing the movie King Kong.