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Missy Shelbourne is a new character introduced in Cloudy: the series,. She is the sister of Mayor Shelbourne, the daughter of Hector Evilman, and the aunt of Gilbert Shelbourne,.


Missy looks similar Gil and Mayor Shelbourne. She wears a hat and has pigtails, freckles over her nose and a mole on her chin. She dresses in overalls, a plaid collared shirt, and a straw hat, and is often seen chewing the stem of a thistle like a toothpick.


Missy is kind and welcoming to strangers and is a gracious hostess but is also extremely spiteful and holds a strong grudge against her brother Susan.

Since Missy has moved away from Swallow falls at a very young age, she doesn't know much about technology, including spoons, toilet paper, and toothbrushes. She relies almost entirely on materials created from thistles, such as for toilet paper or cooked into soup.


Missy's brother had a habit of taking everything that belonged to her without her permission, from her dolls to her allowance. When the mayor moved to the middle of town, Missy stayed in the countryside, with the thistle farm being the one thing the mayor had never taken from her.

Despite having made an honest living, Missy still harbored strong resentment towards Susan. When Flint provides an opportunity for revenge with the FLUP, Missy nearly buries the town in thistles to spite her brother.


  • Missy has a pet donkey.