Missy Shelbourne is a new character introduced in Cloudy:the series. She is the sister of Mayor Shelbourne, the daughter of Hector Evilman, and the aunt of Gilbert Shelbourne.


Missy looks similar Gil and Mayor Shelbourne. She wears a hat and has pigtails. She has freckles over her nose and a dark spot on her chin. She also has a different accent compared to the other Shelbournes.


Missy hates Mayor Shelbourne and wants to ruin his town Swallow falls. This was due to her past experiences with her brother Mayor Shelbourne who always took everythings from her from the dolls to the allowance.

However, Missy is friendly toward people who aren't connected to Mayor Shelbourne or Swallow Falls. Since Missy has moved away from Swallow falls at a very young age, she doesn't know much about technology. As evidently shown when Flint shows Missy a spoon, she doesn't know what it is.

She has a pet donkey.

Episode Appearance

Season 1


  • Missy and her pet donkey live on a thistle farm.
  • Missy is one of the fourth major antagonists of the series.The other being Mayor Shelbourne, Hector Evilman and Jim Lockwood.
  • Missy is the only female antagonist of the series.
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