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Millionaire Monkey is the 7th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


When Steve wins the Swallow Falls lottery, townspeople line up claiming that they are Steve's best friend causing Flint to question Steve's true affections.


The town is gathered for Swallow Falls's annual lottery. The mayor rigged the lottery numbers to match his own ticket; however, the ticket blew out of his pocket and into gum stuck in Steve's fur. Steve is declared the winner, and the Mayor vows to get the ticket back.

At home, Steve wreaks havoc on the Lockwood house, and an exasperated Tim decides to go fishing. Brent breaks in and insists he and Steve are best friends. Manny says Steve was his muse as a photographer, Earl says he and Steve were the "Rangers of Danger," and Mayor Shelbourne lies and says they went to college together. He uses a banana to lure Steve away. Sam is unempathetic, since Flint had pushed her away in favor of Steve during the lottery.

Steve wrecks the Shelbourne mansion while Flint decides to invent a new best friend. He simply reuses the Thought Translator on other animals. Flint realizes no one could replace Steve, and he reminisces to Sam about how he and Steve met: Flint shared a gummi bear with Steve on Gummi Bear Tuesday.

Sam reminds Flint that she's his best friend too, and he says that she's his best girl friend and Steve is his best boy friend. The two of them go to the Shelbourne mansion, where Sam convinces Steve to return to Flint with a handful of gummi bears in his hair.


  • The winning lottery ticket is: 7, 5, 11, sardine facing left, two-headed sardine, the mayor making a goofy face, and a finger
  • Barry Cameo: Barry appears in the crowd at the beginning of the episode.


"He's my best friend who's a boy-slash-monkey-slash-friend. You're my best girl-slash-human-slash-friend who isn't a monkey." --Flint Lockwood

"When he's worth a million bucks [Steve] could be your mom for all I care!" --Mayor Shelbourne