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Mermaid You Look is the 43rd episode of Cloudy: The Series Season 2. It is the 95th episode overall.


Tim discovers a mermaid in the ocean, but skeptical Flint doesn't believe they exist.


Tim and Flint are out on the boat when Tim spots a mermaid. Flint bursts out laughing and invents a Fish Scanner to disprove that what Tim saw was a mermaid. While Flint observes a school of sardines, Tim lures the mermaid with a sardine and plops it in the boat.

Flint is shocked to learn the mermaid looks just like Sam. Tim decides to bring it to shore to show the town, then return it to sea where it belongs. Sam is also surprised to see that the mermaid looks just like her, and asks Flint what mishap of his led to its creation. After creating peanut-butterflies, Flint spliced DNA from Sam's hairbrush with sardine DNA, then flushed the "failure" down the toilet.

Mermaid Sam

Sam is overjoyed to finally have a girl friend and names the mermaid Swam. Sam imagines all the fun outings her and her new friend will go on, but the mayor sees an opportunity to make money and moves Swam to the Swallow Falls Zoo.

At the zoo, the mayor forces Swam to perform for an audience, even dangling Gil over the pool with a sardine in his mouth. Gil thinks the trick might be a golden opportunity to kiss a version of Sam, but Swam instead bites his whole head.

At Tim's suggestion, Sam and Swam switch places, with Flint using the legs from the Remote Controlled Television to disguise Swam as Sam. Back at the zoo, Sam is nearly forced to kiss Brent in the same stunt that Gil had done, but she instead slaps him with a fish and hops out of the pool. The two have a heartfelt goodbye before Tim returns Swam to the ocean.


  • The episode title is a play on the saying "Made you look"


"Presenting, Swallow Falls' very own mermaid, in her own natural habitat! Doing what mermaids do best: Stupid tricks for stupid- Oh, I mean, valued customers." --Mayor Shelbourne