The Meateroid

The giant ball of food deemed the Meateroid is made up of extremely large foods created by the FLDSMDFR after it achieves sentience. at a close glance you can see it has a similar exterior to that of the FLDSMDFR, with a intake hole sucking in water clouds, and hole at the bottom releasing the food storm, while once flint and the gang get closer, multiple other vents scattered around its exterior is releasing food as well. The FLDSMDFR envelops itself inside of the meateroid to continually pump out extreme amounts of giant food, with the assistance of larger intake and exportation.

Since the FLDSMDFR had centered itself within the Meateroid, it had created sentient foods which live within and outside of it and act like antibodies that keep foreign threats from entering it, the known sentient foods are Pizza Flurries, Man-Eating Chickens and Gummy Bears. The FLDSMDFR had also created parts of the meatriod that function on its command almost like muscles. In the core room, it is physically attached to the meateroid,by hanging from a large water collecting sac over multiple meat “flaps” that surround the blowhole, both of which act in unison with the machines actions. The sac only swelled up to the maximum when the FLDSMDFR prepares to make a order to go out the blowhole, or siphoning a small burst of water to attack with a much smaller (yet still greatly large) singular food. The flaps of meat located just under the machine move idly up and down until the sac swells to produce out the blowhole in which they perk up and hold the FLDSMFDR to funnel the blast. as scene when flint alerts the machine, they appear to get agitated and move faster when the FLDSMDFR uses a smaller burst of water, and while it waits to grab the machine once it begins immensely swelling. Farther down at the bottom of the blowhole, another much larger set of meat flaps act similarly, only opening when the FLDSMDFR's releases a mass of food.


  • Top Entrance/Intake: The main entrance or intake is the original drop point flint and Sam were supposed to go down before Brent pushing them of course. For the FLDSMDFR it serves as a larger intake in which it holds and siphons water into the sac it hangs from to use all at once to create massive food.
  • Exhaust Vents: The exhaust vent is where Flint, Sam, and Brent end up when Brent jumps after Flint and Sam at the top of the meatball.
  • Fry Oil Areas: This is a area which there are fries that are floating on steaming hot fry oil. This is where Flint, Sam, and Brent have to go through to get to the machine.
  • Hallways: This area is where the Man-Eating Chickens mainly appear.
  • Peanut Brittle Spike Pit: The Peanut Spike pit is a small pit where the hole leads to the back of the core room, shinning bright lights similar to that seen on near the FLDSMFDR’s intake. This is where Flint is lowered into the hole, but Sam gets cut by a Peanut Spike.
  • Meateroid Core: The central room of the Meateroid in which the now sentient FLDSMDFR hung from the sac over the blowhole. The room is filled with small ponds of fry oil and the tunnel out the blowhole. Slowly color changing lights are seen scattered around the room just like that seen near the FLDSMDFR’s intake.
  • Blowhole: the giant hole in the floor of the core room located under the FLDSMDFR. It has multiple giant flaps of meat that double as an enlarged version of the FLDSMDFR's chow-plopper, only opening when it releases an excessive blast of food as seen from the first appearance of the FLDSMDFR within the meatriod
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