The Meateroid was a giant floating ball of food resembling a meatball that was created by the FLDSMDFR to protect itself and house its "core" self. It is made from a large assortment of food and appears to be organic in nature, behaving like a larger version of the FLDSMDFR and seems to act like its body, even having boiling hot frying oil coursing through it like blood. This form was likely created to increase the production of giant food.

The Meateroid is protected by sentient foods which live within and outside of it and act like antibodies that keep foreign threats from entering it, the known sentient foods are Pizza Flurries, Man-Eating Chickens and Gummy Bears.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs


The Meateroid's destruction.


  • Top Entrance: The main entrance is where the main entrance to the giant meatball is.
  • Exhaust Vent: The exhaust vent is where Flint, Sam, and Brent end up when Brent jumps after Flint and Sam at the top of the meatball.
  • Fry Oil Area: This is a area which there are fries that are floating on steaming hot fry oil. This is where Flint, Sam, and Brent have to go through to get to the machine.
  • Hallway: This area is where the Man-eating Chickens mainly appear.
  • Peanut Spike Pit: The Peanut Spike pit is a small pit where the hole leads to the machine. This is where Flint is lowered into the hole, but Sam gets cut by a Peanut Spike.
  • Machine Core: The machine is located in this area with a small fry oil lake and other. The machine is hanging over the bottom exit. This is where Flint falls after getting lowered down a bit from the Peanut Spike Pit by Sam. This is where the machine is destroyed by Flint. Afterwards, Flint only has one way out and takes it by falling down the bottom pit below where the exit of the Meateriod is.