Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Wiki

The Meat-a-Roid is an enormous ball made of large, mutated food made by the FLDSMDFR. The excess food accumulated gradually over the month of the machine's operation to form a protective shell guarded by sentient food and a thick pea-soup fog.

We wanted it to feel wondrous and awesome... plus we wanted to make it gross, the kind of thing that kids appreciate."
— Visual Development Artist Simon Rodgers


The Meat-a-Roid first began as specks of excess food that accumulated around the machine which were unable to be cleaned off or maintained. As the food mutated, so did this smorgasbord of a shell. The FLDSMDFR repurposed the food waste into a protective layer. Some of the mutated food acts as antibodies for the Meat-a-Roid, such as flurries of pizzas, Man-Eating Chickens, and Gummy Bears.

Its design allowed the FLDSMDFR to operate as designed, but on a much larger scale, with an intake hole at the top to absorb water from the clouds, and a hole at the bottom to release the food.

Notable Locations[]

  • Top Entrance/Intake: a large hole that gathers water from the clouds and funnels it to the FLDSMDFR.
  • Blowholes: exhaust vents along the perimeter of the Meat-a-Roid that serve as alternate exits for Flint and his friends. The tunnels within contain hordes of Man-Eating Chickens along with precarious pools of fry oil dotted with chicken nuggets and potato fries.
  • Crust: a precarious area in the video game with a narrow cheese walkway, guarded by vicious mutated food creatures.
  • Peanut Brittle Pit: a deep, narrow hole spiked with peanut brittle.
  • Subterrain: a path beneath the Peanut Brittle Pit that leads to the FLDSMDFR. Large piles of food block the path forward, and in the video game, Flint must traverse across a river of alphabet soup.
  • Mantle: an area exclusive to the video game. Flint must jump across floating toast and slabs of meat to avoid pools of thick pea soup. At the end of the mantle is a hole, which Flint leaps down to reach the Core.
  • Core: the central room where the FLDSMDFR resides. Water from the Intake is sucked through a gelatin sac into the top of the FLDSMDFR, where it is processed by the machine and released into a large, fleshy gorge below. The Core is a cavern of excess food, including hot dogs, olives, shrimp, and nachos.


  • The interior of the Meat-a-roid is lit with blue-green light to make the food look as unappetizing as possible.
  • Bananas and pickles line the "throat" of the Meat-a-Roid and act as cilia.