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Mayornormal Activity is the 35th episode of season 1, also being the Halloween special of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Series.


Mayor Shelbourne buys up all the town's candy at Halloween and promises to give it all to the kid who makes it through his super scary haunted house.


The episode begins with Sam waiting for Flint to arrive. Sam is wearing a rain cloud costume. Gil compliments her "sheep" costume, with Sam correcting Gil that it is a cloud costume. Brent walks by and taunts her, saying her costume is flavorless cotton Candy. Sam corrects Brent, getting angrier. Flint walks up and compliments her nimbus costume. Sam snaps and corrects Flint, but realizes what he said and apologizes. She then asks Flint if he brought the invention, which was a special Halloween bag that had multiple pockets, a vacuum attachment, and a fruit rejection system.

Flint and Sam then go Trick-or-Treating. First, they visit an old lady that gives them an apple, only for Sam's bag to shoot the apple back. Next, they go to Old Rick, Earl, and Tim, only to notice that they didn't give candy or treats. Sam is obviously mad at this and asks where the treats are. The townsfolk also realize this and ask the same. The Mayor then appears on a screen near his mansion, telling all of the people that he purchased all the candy and hid them in his haunted house, and that if they can make it through, they can get his candy. One of the school mascots decides to go in, but he gets launched out of the mansion. He yells that there are ghosts in the mansion. This scares off some kids of the group, now only leaving Flint, Sam, Manny, Gil, and Brent.

Sam asks everyone if it's correct for Mayor Shelbourne to keep the candy, and they all agree. Sam then corrects them, ranting about how the candy should belong to them. Meanwhile, as Sam finishes ranting about going in the mansion, the Mayor is in a camera room talking to three dressed-up ghosts to make them attempt to scare the group away. He escorts the ghosts as the group enters the mansion. As the group walks through, Gil explains to Flint that his dad is an expert in psychological terror, meaning he knows everyone's fears and how to use it against them. One of the ghosts shows up and holds up a puppy, scaring Gil away since it soaks up his dad's love. A coffin rises from the ground revealing a video going through a loop of the Mayor saying "And then there were four" then laughing. Manny says he is not afraid of such things, but the video loops with the poor star transition, thus scaring him away.

The group, now being Flint, Sam, and Brent, walk down a hallway. Brent assures the two that he will keep them safe, only to be spooked by some blood on the walls. Flint sniffs the blood and said it was just Cherry Soda. Brent licks the wall and starts to faint to the floor due to the Cherry Soda being Diet Cherry Soda. Flint and Sam progress through the hallway, ignoring his drama. One of the ghosts attempts to scare the two, but they are unaffected and continue their walk.

The Mayor watches the two from the camera room as he starts to remember his greatest personal horror, which was he never had all of the candy in the world. The ghosts enter his room, only for the Mayor to get mad at them for not being able to scare everyone. He then takes off one of the ghost's costume only to reveal an actual ghost underneath. The Mayor calls the person originally hiring them to learn that they are actually ghosts. He asks why they would want to work here in his mansion, the ghosts scare the Mayor saying they want the candy. The Mayor starts to chase the ghosts going to the candy room.

The ghosts run into Flint and Sam, in which Sam saying that they look fake. She tries to touch one of the ghost to see that her hand phases through. Flint starts observing the ghost, skeptical on what he is seeing, but gets interrupted by the Mayor screaming and running towards them saying they're real. He points to the ghosts, watching them go through the door where all the candy is. The three run to the door, which causing the Mayor to panic and make up an excuse to not go in. Flint and Sam ignore his excuses and go in anyways.

Sam kicks the door down and they all witness the ghosts eating from the candy mountains. This makes the Mayor upset as he begins to sob. As Flint and Sam were entranced by how much candy the Mayor stole, the full moon appears from the roofless room. The moon shines on the Mayor as he sobs. This shocks the Mayor and he freaks out, startling Flint and Sam. The Mayor then transforms into a werewolf, howling in anger and stating that his candy shouldn't be taken. The now werewolf Mayor grabs the three ghosts and bites them. This fires up Sam as she is tired of not getting candy, so she takes out the vacuum from the bag from earlier and sucks up all of the candy, the ghosts, and the werewolf Mayor. The ghosts and the Mayor plead to be let out of the bag, and Sam complies, but only if they share the candy. They promise to share it. making Sam pull a lever to make the bag explode. All of the candy bursts from above and into the sky. Flint and Sam exit the mansion and look up, with Sam think there is no more candy.

But the candy starts to rain down, and the townsfolk and others cheer for the candy raining down on them. Meanwhile, Flint talks to the ghosts and shows proof that they cannot be possibly real. The episode ends with the werewolf Mayor howling and eating candy, saying to vote for him in the process.


  • The title of this episode is a reference to the horror movie franchise "Paranormal Activity"
  • This episode debuts Shelbourne's werewolf form.
  • This episode introduces young Mayor Shelbourne in a flashback.
  • In the Arabic airing of this episode, they censored three scenes: One where the coffin rises from the ground, one where the Mayor's behind was in frame, and another where it shows Brent using his diaper to catch the falling candy.