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Mayor or Mayor Not is the 37th episode of Season 2 in Cloudy: the series. It is the 89th episode overall.


Tired of Shelbourne's greedy taxes, Flint convinces his father to run for mayor.


It's campaign season in Swallow Falls, and Mayor Shelbourne taxes everything imaginable, ending with an order to vote for Shelbourne. Frustrated by the taxes, Sam suggests Tim run for mayor. Tim is reluctant until Shelbourne enacts a sardine tax, then he cusses angrily (grunting under his breath) and decides to run. Flint invents the Flint Lockwood Electomatic (LE) that offers advice to get Tim elected.

In town, Mayor Shelbourne announces that both Tim and Old Rick are running against him. The mayor tries to smear Tim and call him anti-sardine, and Tim responds with a fishing metaphor. LE predicts that no one understands fishing metaphors, but the townspeople immediately rally behind Tim as a man who knows how to use his fishing metaphors.

The mayor's polling is in the gutter compared to Tim and Rick, so the mayor decides to don a fisherman's hat and use fishing metaphors by stringing two fish-related words together with a random verb in between. Flint tries to convince Tim not to use any more fishing metaphors based on data from LE.

At the first debate, Tim struggles to answer basic questions on his policy ideas without using fishing metaphors, and Mayor Shelbourne's attempts to use fishing metaphors do not resonate with the people. Old Rick ends up winning the vote, but his first act as mayor is to officially quit, since Mayor Shelbourne bribed him with a pet Ratbird. Shelbourne reinstates himself as mayor.


  • The episode title is a play of the saying "May or may not".
  • The mayoral candidates (Mayor Shelbourne, Tim Lockwood, and Old Rick) are all voiced by the same voice actor.