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Mayor Shelbourne is the overarching antagonist of the Sony Pictures Animation Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs franchise, serving as the main antagonist of Sony Pictures Animation's fourth feature film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and a recurring character in its prequel series Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Series.

He has this stereotypical 'used car salesman' expression, baring his teeth instead of having his whole face smile.
— Senior Animation Supervisor Pete Nash


Mayor Shelbourne is a short man with a toupee who wears a grey-blue business suit, an orange and purple striped tie, a white undershirt, brown flannel pants and white shoes. His jellybean shape emphasizes the silly, exaggerated motions he makes as he plays to his audience, and his broad mouth shows he is a big talker - and a big eater.[1] His insatiable greed turns him into a glutton, eating so much to the point that he is confined to a motorized cart.

In Cloudy: The Series, he wears a brighter blue business suit, has black shoes, and his hair is taller than usual. He also wears an assortment of outfits throughout the series.


Mayor Shelbourne is an undeniably sleazy man, willing to say and do anything to fill his pocketbook. He is rather manipulative and enjoys playing to an audience, often feigning companionship or appreciation in order to get what he wants.

Throughout Cloudy: The Series, the mayor demands a high degree of control, changing rules on the fly when he's unsatisfied with results and constantly looking for new and innovative ways to convince people to part with their money. His love for money even exceeds the love for his own son, Gil. He is a narcissist who works only for his own gain, and is more than willing to exploit other people's fears and insecurities to get what he wants.[2] He often shirks his duty as mayor, finding every opportunity to delegate tasks to others.

In the film, his greed expands from money to Flint's delicious food weather. He gorges himself, unable to contain his voracious greed. But eating so much causes his body to expand to such a degree that he is confined to a motorized cart, unable to reach the handlebars due to his girth. This combined with his apathy of how much damage the food storms would cause makes him the central cause of the FLDSMDFR's malfunction and near destruction of the world. His gluttony ends up getting the better of him as he attempted to escape Chewandswallow during the food storm on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich boat only to eat it entirely, leaving him stranded in the ocean.[3]


Cloudy: The Series[]

As a child, Mayor Shelbourne would often steal toys, food, and money from his sister Missy.[4] Mayor Shelbourne was tasked with the responsibility of caring for his father Hector in his old age, choosing to commit him to a retirement home as his senility combined with his love of inventing caused him to become a danger to himself and others, including young Flint and Sam.[5]

With the town of Swallow Falls being so small, the mayor appointed himself to many positions of power, including becoming principal of Cannery High.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs[]

After the town of Swallow Falls fell on hard times, Mayor Shelbourne decided to spend the entire town budget on Sardine Land, an attraction entirely themed around sardines. He confided to Brent that he doesn't want to be remembered as the "tiny mayor of a tiny town full of tiny sardine-sucking knuckle-scrapers" and wanted people to look at him and say, "that is one big mayor."

Despite the destruction of Sardine Land, the mayor saw financial potential in Flint's food weather. He convinced Flint to make it rain food "three meals a day, every day for the foreseeable future." Weather reporter Sam Sparks would provide free advertising, culminating in a grand reopening of the town, rebranded Chewandswallow.

The mayor indulged himself on Flint's food weather during the next month, ballooning to an enormous size, unable to quench his appetite. This gluttony continued even in the face of danger; he ignored Flint's warning that the food was beginning to over-mutate, insisting "bigger is better" and that people would love the bigger portion sizes. He ordered a Vegas-style all-you-can-eat buffet in the middle of a Spaghetti Twister, downplaying the danger to justify the continued use of the machine. Flint tried to cancel the order, but the mayor stopped him, which accidentally destroys the radar dish used to communicate with the machine in the process.

Flint announced to the townspeople that he had found a solution, but the mayor blamed Flint for the disaster, urging the locals to attack him. Earl calmed the mob and worked with the townspeople to build rafts and leave the island. Later Shelbourne briefly stopped everyone from leaving, insisting on making an important announcement, but simply shouts "See ya, suckers!" He hopped on a boat and began to devour it.

He was last seen slowly sinking into the sea due to having eaten most of his sandwich raft lamenting that his escape plan wasn't well thought out.

In the film's credits, he was shown eating cotton candy clouds, floating through the air like a hot-air balloon. His stomach was poked by a sign and he humorously deflates. He was later shown to have been arrested by Earl Devereaux but escaped.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2[]

After the events of Cloudy 2, in the film's credits, he was seen selling a Corn Dog from Mayor's Corn Dogs on the beach for $5.

Video Game[]


The mayor first reaches out to Flint about an invasion of Gummy Bears at The Roofless. After the FLDSMDFR control unit disappears, the mayor admits he stole it and promises to return it if Flint helps clear gorgonzola from Cheesewedge Way.

The mayor doesn't keep his word, and in the subsequent scuffle, he and Flint break the control unit. The mayor begrudgingly reaches out to Flint one last time about a Spaghetti Twister in Sardine Circle.


Concept Art[]


  • His full name is "Susan Shelbourne".[6]
  • Despite being the main antagonist, Shelbourne has a surprisingly short screen time of 7.5 minutes for his role in the first film.
  • Shelbourne is shown multiple times throughout the series to be a werewolf.[7][8]
  • Shelbourne is repulsed by babies and refuses to kiss them.[9]

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