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Mascot Wars is the 26th episode of season 2 of Cloudy: the series.It is the 78th episode in the series overall.


Flint dons a worm suit to try and drum up business for his dad's bait shop.


Brent, dressed as an ice cream cone, advertises a new ice cream shop in town, which nearly puts Tim's Sardine Bait and Tackle next door out of business. Flint doesn't want his dad to give up on his dream, so he dresses up as a town yeller to draw attention to the tackle shop. Sam walks by with Mr. Buttons and suggests Flint act as a mascot like Brent. Flint dresses up as a giant pink worm called Wormy Worm and shouts simple rhymes outside the tackle shop, which draws customers. Brent throws Flint out of his costume and tells him he is the only real mascot in town.

Old Rick offers to mentor Flint on being a mascot, saying that he taught Brent everything he knows and proving his prowess by dressing as a squirrel, the Mayor, and Brent. He trains Flint on mascot dances, determines the mascot character to be a quirky clumsy weirdo, and tells Flint to come up with an interesting catchphrase. When Flint trips over a rock and exclaims "Yippity Yowee," Joe Towne appears and tells Flint he's interested in what Flint is selling - and is revealed to be Old Rick in a costume.

Flint's new catchphrase is a resounding success, but Brent challenges him to a Scot-Off. Brent wins the Scot-Off, and Flint apologizes to his dad for not succeeding in saving his dream. Tim tells Flint that he's closing up early because he sold out of everything.


  • Gil is allergic to fish.
  • "Chris and Phil's Ice Cream Emporium" is a nod to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord.
Chris and Phil Ice Cream Emporium


"An octopus out of water just ends up shooting ink down its tentacles." --Tim Lockwood