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Food Base Marshmallow
Animal/Lifeform Base Cat/Hamster
Diet Omnivores
Habitat Rock Candy Mountain

Marshmallows are a simple Living Food species of Marshmallows with no true animalistic or humanoid traits, with the exception that they share behaviors similar to that of cats.


Marshmallows are basically just living marshmallows with small black eyes and a mouth.


Marshmallows are quite gentle and their behavior has been likened to that of cats. Unlike the Tomato, they don't seem bothered by their simplistic existence and actually seem quite content.


Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2

Flint and the Marshmallows

In the film, the Marshmallows first appear at the Rock Candy Mountain after being created by the FLDSMDFR to show Flint Lockwood that it had changed and was no longer evil. They were responsible for saving Flint's life when he fell and then deliver him to the Pickle Village by encasing him in multiple copies of themselves.


  • They are one of 2 animals to save Flint’s life, with the other being Ratbirds.
    • They are both made by Flint or his creations.

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