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Major Science is the 12th episode Cloudy: the series season 2. It is the 64rd episode in the series overall. It debuted 21 April 2018 after Now You See Him


Desperate to make science interesting to his peers, Flint creates the superhero alter ego "Major Science."


The class is bored by Flint's presentation on "bubblegum-ology," so Brent entertains the class by dressing as a chicken and calling himself the Science Chicken. Sam gives Flint the idea to become a superhero to instill an appreciation for science into the town.

Flint arrives at school and comes to the rescue of a cheerleader being bullied by the school mascots. When she thanks the mysterious superhero, Flint insists she thank a scientific principle instead. He saves Brent's grade by making Brent regurgitate his essay, then shows him a video on the science of regurgitation. He rescues Cal using a fulcrum, and with each rescue he wins the hearts and minds of his peers.

Unfortunately, Mayor Shelbourne views Major Science as a threat to his authority and dresses as a supervillain named General Blame. General Blame begins to bully the students, blaming the science of gravity for pelting students with water balloons and static electricity for shocking them. When Sam stands up to the mayor, he kidnaps her and tries to run Flint over with a tank.

In the end, Major Science uses "gum-ology" to stop General Blame and save Sam. Happy that the students find science cool, Flint reveals his true identity - and the whole school immediately finds science uncool again. Earl tells Flint that Cal still views him as his hero.