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I have a Macaroni on my head!

The Macaroni Head Guy is a minor comedic relief character in the first film and a non-speaking character in second film.


The Macaroni Head Guy can usually be seen wearing a plain grey top and blue jeans, on some scenes he also has a watch on one of his arms. Due to the giant macaroni stuck on his head, his face is never shown.


Macaroni Head Guy is oblivious and naive, often facing the wrong direction in situations due to being practically blind. He expresses genuine joy at Flint Lockwood's return after destroying the FLDSMDFR, which confuses Flint as the two are practically strangers.


When the food storms in Swallow Falls increased in severity, Macaroni Head Guy panicked, struggling to pry the giant noodle off his head before running into a lamppost. He eventually accepted his predicament, joining the townspeople in Sardine Circle to attack Flint for causing the chaos, despite this he didn't actually attack him, instead he clapped the other citizens on (although he was facing the wrong way). After Earl arrives at the scene and calls out the townspeople for there role in the disaster, he is one of the first people to be convinced by his speech, subtly nodding throughout in agreement. After this he, alongside the rest of the citizens, join Earl to help build rafts to escape the town.

He survived the Foodalanche and greeted Flint on the shore after his return from destroying the FLDSMDFR. Though present during Chester V's arrival, it appears Macaroni Head Guy did not relocate to San Franjose, instead living amongst the Foodimals in the Spaghetti Swamp.