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Lobster Claus Is Coming to Town Part 1 is the 49th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series. It is the first episode of a two-episode Christmas Special.


Flint introduces Sam to Swallow Falls' unique Christmas traditions, centered around the mythical Lobster Claus.


Christmas Remote Controlled Television

Sam awakens filled with Christmas spirit. She bounds around town singing about Santa Claus, greeting Earl who is busy decorating his house for the holidays and frightening Old Rick by telling him "the big man" is coming soon. Sam quickly realizes that despite all the festive Christmas decorations, Santa doesn't feature in any of them.

Lobster Claus Christmas Special

She asks the Mayor about it, but he doesn't recognize the name. Manny tells Sam about all his ornaments from his family members in Santa Fe, Santa Ana, and Santa Monica. When Sam frustradedly describes Santa Claus as a fat man with a big beard, she offends a man named Norm who looks strikingly similar, save for a jumpsuit and a brown beard.

When Sam describes Santa to Flint, he thinks she is referring to Lobster Claus. Using the Remote Controlled Television, Flint shares the legend of Lobster Claus using a Christmas special: Lobster Claus shimmies up the pipes on Christmas Eve and leaves barnacles and candied shrimp in one's boots. His sleigh is pulled by eight tiny sardines instead of reindeer.

Sam and Flint Christmas Diagram

Sam writes an email to Santa Claus, which she then physically mails to the North Pole, telling him to come to Swallow Falls to prove how wonderful he is. When Santa hears that Lobster Claus is taking his credit, he vows to come down to Swallow Falls.

Flint shows Sam around town and reveals that Lobster Claus shares many of the same traditions as Santa, including inspiring charity and selflessness, sitting on his knee and asking for presents, and leaving out seafood instead of cookies at night.


  • The Lobster Claus Christmas special Flint plays on the Remote Control Television is animated in the style of Rankin/Bass animated Christmas specials from the 1960s


Sam's song about Santa

Christmas is a'humming

Santa Claus is coming

With his ho-ho-hos and his big red nose and his black steel-toes and his do-si-dos and his... um... fa-la-los!

And his trumpet glows 'til his cheeks turn rose

And it snows where he goes and he wears cool clothes and his undies froze when his fly didn't close

Lobster Claus song

Who has claws that snip-chop-cleave?

Lobster Claus, Lobster Claus!

Who writes our names on Christmas Eve?

Lobster Claus, Lobster Claus!

Who's got a shell and cap so bright? Who warms your heart on winter nights?

Must be, must be Lobster Claus!